Why should I clean my trash bins regularly?
By not cleaning your trash bins at least one time monthly creates not only the terrible smell of dirty trash bins, it's a breading ground for harmful bacteria and potentially illness-causing germs which live and thrive in unclean bins.
How often do you recommend that I have my bins cleaned?
At CMAX Sanitary Services, we advise our clients that it is best to have their bins cleaned at least once per month. This ensures the continued removal of bacteria and allows for a continuous sanitization of bins. However, both residential and commercial communities have different needs, which is why we offer a range of plans perfectly suited to your bin cleaning preferences.
When will my trash bins be cleaned?
After choosing a service plan, a CMAX representative will contact you via email to let you know which week of the month we will be servicing your area.
Do my bins need to be empty to receive service?
Yes. If we come to service your trash bins and they are not empty, we will have to come back at a later date.
Will you provide a one-time cleaning?
Yes we do, it is a little more costly to do a one time cleaning because we have to clean prolonged time of build up in one cleaning which results in taking longer than maintaining the bin on a regular basis.
Does someone need to be home while you are washing my bins?
No, all you need to do is leave your bins out after your regular garbage collection day or the following day and we will do the rest.